Effective Home Remedies for Yeast Infection in Men

Effective Home Remedies for Yeast Infection in Men

It is true that yeast infection is common in women but it also affects men. Yeast infection in men shows painful symptoms that include itching, irritation, soreness of the head of penis and read spots on the head of penis. A burning sensation while urinating is another main symptom that indicates occurrence of yeast infection in men. There are different causes of this infection in males. This infection can be treated by a variety of ways such as by over-the-counter drugs or treatments, by prescription treatments and there are home remedies that can be use to get rid of this infection. Some of the best home remedies that you can use include the following.


Garlic is a common and quite popular home remedy for yeast infection in men and women. You should consume a fresh clove of garlic on daily basis until you get rid of the symptoms of yeast infection. Garlic is available in the form of supplements that you can get from any medical store. If you don’t wish to eat fresh garlic, you can take garlic supplement to ease down the symptoms of this infection.

Eat Yogurt

Yogurt is an effective home remedy for Candida infection. You should eat plain yogurt every day in breakfast until you get a relief from the symptoms. Yogurt contains human-friendly bacteria that help you boost the immunity. In addition to eating yogurt, you can use it while taking bath. Just add a small amount of yogurt in the bathing tub with water and take bath. In case of lactose intolerance, you can buy a natural source of Lactobacillus acidophilus in the form of liquids, capsules or tablets.

Cranberry Juice

Another effective home remedy that can be used to get rid of yeast infection in men is cranberry juice. You can drink pure or mixed cranberry juice every day until the symptoms of this infection go away. You can also take this juice in the form of supplements.


Another effective way to treat yeast infection in men is herbs. There are many herbs such as black walnut, Pau-d’ Arco, chamomile, licorice and goldenseal, these herbs can be used to get rid of this infection. You can either eat these herbs or you can apply them on the affected area. In order to apply herbs, you are required to make a paste of those herbs that you are using. It is wise to get recommendations from a knowledgable person about how to make a paste of herbs that you can apply on the affected area.


It is very effective for this painful infection. You can apply pure honey on the affected area for 15 to 20 minutes. After using honey for 20 minutes you can take bath with warm water. Don’t use towel to dry your penis. You should use a super absorbent paper to dry your penis. You can repeat the same procedure twice a day for effective results.

If you have applied these home remedies and you haven’t noticed any satisfactory results, you should not waste time and immediately consult your doctor. In most cases, these remedies provide immediate releif from the painful symptoms of this infection. However, if the infection is recurred and severe, these remedies may not show good results. In such a case, you will need medical treatment.

In conclusion, yeast infection in men is as painful and problematic as it is in women. If you are suffering from this infection, you should take very good care of your personal hygiene. You should avoid having sexual intercourse because this infection can be spread through sexual intercourse.

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