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It wasn’t too long ago that nature’s remedies were what families generally depended upon for health tonics and cures for illnesses. Modern day medicine changed all that. Increased costs for medications, and concern over health complications caused by side effects from these drugs have worked together to renew interest in a more natural means to managing health issues.
Alternative medicine and remedies are making a comeback with more and more of us choosing natural and healthy over medical with ease.
Remember the days of old when Grandmother strapped a warm mustard pack to our congested chests when we had a cold? Or used a warmed tea bag to rid pink eye, a clove of garlic to stop an earache, or prepared a mixture of chaparral and olive oil as a cure for itchy skin? I do.
Folklore healing practices, curative uses of herbs, and other medicinal “family secrets” were stealthily guarded and passed down from one generation to the next.
These days there are a growing number of otherwise conventional medical professionals who acknowledge what Grandmother knew all along. Natural, herbal remedies as a means to maintain good health and cure certain diseases are valid
In days of old, there was no other way to treat illness and discomfort, help heal wounds, or cure bodily dysfunctions other than with natural means. It was while living in tune with nature and studying wildlife that early man learned of the medicinal “powers” of herbs.
Natures well worked out plan for good health and freedom from disease is observed in animals. It is people who have strayed from nature’s medicine chest to create man-made remedies. Some of which are less effective, costly, and riddled with negative side-effects.
By working with nature, we increase our chance of a more healthy life, while decreasing our risk of disease and premature bodily limitations and dysfunctions. A wealth of healing resources is there for the taking, if we but open our eyes to the possibilities.
Instead of rebelling against nature, we can become more in tune with the gifts endowed by nature. The same health laws that apply to the animal kingdom also apply to man. We have something valuable to relearn from our wild counterparts. By joining hands with nature and embracing the natural we can enhance our health and increase our longevity.
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