Home Pain Remedies – What the Ancients Knew

Home Pain Remedies – What the Ancients Knew

If you were to ask your doctor to identify the most common complaint his patients bring to him, he would answer very quickly – pain. Pain of all kinds – it’s a major symptom in many medical conditions and the one which is most likely to affect one’s quality of life. Most people will take an over-the-counter pain medication for temporary relief but frequently, these are not effective for long and the next step is a trip to the doctor for something stronger. Many do not consider home pain remedies as a first step in pain relief – yet there are many “old fashioned” home pain remedies out there – which work without the side effects of prescription painkillers.

Everyone has suffered pain; there are no exceptions. But there’s different kinds of pain – acute pain which goes away after a certain length of time – and there’s chronic pain, which doesn’t go away, perhaps for years. This is the kind of pain which affects the quality of your life, dragging down the enjoyment of your family, your attractive home, fulfilling job, late-model car – all of this means little, if you suffer continual pain for whatever reason. And you know that every month, the pharmaceutical companies seem to come up with a newer, better, faster, easier and more effective painkiller than ever before, followed by a list of contraindications or harmful side-effects. Why not take a look at home pain remedies?

Home pain remedies are generally found in plant-based natural medicines – and there are no negative side-effects. They consist of strong, anti-inflammatory compounds found in plants, herbs and other botanicals from all over the world and these also possess pain-receptor inhibitors. These ingredients are blended together and provide a naturally-based pain and inflammation suppressor which is efficient, effective and without harmful side-effects. If you’re suffering from constipation, stomach ulcers and other digestive disorders caused by powerful prescription pain medication, then these home pain remedies could be an extremely effective alternative for you.

Prescription drugs consist of a number of chemicals and synthesized or artificial ingredients which can cause allergic reactions – and in addition, they may be incompatible with other medicines you’re taking. It’s comforting to know that your home pain remedies are made from natural, chemical-free ingredients, many of which you can find in your own kitchen or backyard. Remedies which you can take for your chronic pain without feeling anxious about how your body is going to react to them or whether you’ll need to increase the dosage as they become less effective over time.

You’ll find that most home pain remedies are completely natural and work with your body’s chemistry to reduce pain and support your system. For instance, you can apply arnica salve to sore muscles and for chronic migraines you can make your own home pain remedies from white willow, feverfew, gingko biloba, guarana (for cluster headaches) lavender and lobelia. Spend a little time online and research these herbs and plants and you’ll find recipes to make your own salves and rubs as well as natural products you can take internally.

Those old-fashioned pain relievers were used by the Ancients. They knew which plants, roots, herbs and berries to use for their home pain remedies – mashing them, boiling them, infusing them and using them as a poultice. These remedies worked way back then – and they’ll work for you now.

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