Sciatic Pain Remedy – Try to Avoid Medication

Sciatic Pain Remedy – Try to Avoid Medication

So your sciatica has been diagnosed, you have a prescription for pain medication and you’re wondering what the next step is because you don’t want to take drugs if there’s an alternative sciatic pain remedy. Your sciatica can be chronic, acute or intermittent – any which way, you’re in pain and it’s sucking the pleasure out of your life. What can we do about it?

Probably your first thought is to take the pills and go to bed. Please – don’t do that although it’s tempting. It’s more than probable that your sciatica is caused by some kind of pressure or impingement on the sciatic nerve which runs from the base of your spine, down both legs and into your feet. No matter the cause of the impingement, it results in muscle spasm and severe pain and all you want is to get rid of it. There are remedies – acupuncture, chiropractic, injections, surgery, exercise, herbal, massage therapy – and your sciatic pain remedy may indeed be one of these. You’d prefer to avoid the surgery, toss the pills, skip the injections and find a simple, natural sciatic pain remedy which works.

Let’s look at massage therapy. This is an effective sciatic pain remedy – agreed, it’s time-consuming and expensive to get a massage every day, but what if you could do it at home? See the therapist a couple of times a week and for the other days, have a family member do the massage for you. The purpose is to relax the muscles and the massage should consist of long soothing strokes which help to relax the muscles, stretching them and causing them to “let go.” Your therapist will then pinpoint the center of the affected area which is usually in the buttocks. He will apply fingertip/thumb pressure to your piriformis muscles which surround the sciatic nerve deep within the buttocks on both sides. Firm pressure for about half a minute will “break the hold” and cause this pesky little muscle to relax. This sciatic pain remedy works and you will find that your pain will subside.

Another very effective sciatic pain remedy is alternating hot and cold packs on the area. You can get the packs in your drugstore, heat them in the microwave (and freeze them in the freezer) and apply them to the affected area. Be sure to wrap them in a towel – don’t apply them directly to the skin. Fifteen minutes of heat followed by fifteen minutes of cold will relax the muscles and again, your pain will subside.

Exercise? Yes – exercise. We need to strengthen those lower back muscles with specific exercises recommended as a sciatic pain remedy by your doctor or personal health trainer. Do the exercises daily, faithfully, regularly and in case that’s not clear – whenever you have five minutes and a carpeted floor. Don’t overdo it – please follow the recommendations of your doctor who can show you exercises which are low-impact and involve stretching and building those muscles and strengthening them so that your lower back is better supported.

Typically, a sciatic pain remedy will almost always involve pain medication which, of course, has its own side effects such as constipation. While the pills will temporarily relieve your pain, you may do more damage to your lower back – because you’re not in pain. Which means that this sciatic pain remedy is doing more harm than good.

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